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ScanBelt is one of the world’s leading modular belt producers with more 25 years experience on the market.  Scanbelt offers very wide product range for various industries. Currently they produce more than 50 types of belts, so they can offer optimal solution for any application from bakery to automotive production.
Twentebelt (Netherlands) has been specializing in production and distribution of metallic conveyor belts for more than 90 years.  Twentebelt is constructing, producing, supplying and installing a wide range of spiral belts, eye-link belts, wire mesh belts and woven belts made of different materials.  Each belt is made to order based on customer requirements, type of transported product and working conditions.
Industrias YUK S.A is a leading European producer of roller and conveyor chains, as well as of gearboxes and motors. High quality products of YUK are used in various industries worldwide.
Company VIS was founded in 1868. It originally focused on production of ropes and textile belts. They started to produce conveyor belts in 1964. Since then company has been increasing assortment and improving quality and lead time.
NSW was founded 1899 I Cologne as a cable producer.  Eventually company started to produce different types of plastics as well.
Rexnord was founded in 1892г. in Milwaukee, US, is a leading producer of high quality production equipment. All Rexnord products have exceptional reliability.
Fredriksons was founded in 1917 in Wadstena, Sweden. No Fredriksons is one of Sweden’s most innovative producers.  They have been on the market of plastic chains for food and beverage industries for 40 years.

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+7 (812) 644-41-24
+7 (812) 622-19-19


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+7 (812) 644-41-24 +7 (812) 622-19-19
Kubinskaya street, 76/7 St.Petersburg, Russia